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Bryan Lynch Catering

Bryan Lynch is an established customer of TPC and we have been supplying him with specialist PET bottles and closures for over 5 years. In autumn of 2011, Bryan felt that his brand needed ‘spicing up’.

Bryan LynchWe worked in conjunction with our colleagues in Pet Power in the Netherlands to come up with a series of solutions that were best fit for his unique range of sauces.

The biggest issue was that Bryan wanted something unique rather than a bottle that would be off the shelf. Over three months and 7 designs we finally got the bottle right and went to tooling.

In order to get around the costs of the custom-moulded bottle we agreed to defer the costs from the manufacturer as long as they were allowed to sell the bottle elsewhere in Europe.

The new bottle follows the ‘top down’ trend of recent years and also includes an Induction Heat Seal closure to prolong shelf-life. Unlike the previous incarnation, the cap can be taken off to allow the consumer to get every last bit of delicious mayonnaise out of the container.

The new bottle shape with allow Bryan to target the larger multiples and a significant increase in sales. A perfect partnership in design, packaging and product.